Palliativteam Hochtaunus

Palliative care at home, on an outpatient basis or in a hospice

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Donate, help, support

Our multidisciplinary therapeutic services, including psychological support, homeopathy, social work, art therapy, spiritual support and pastoral care, are not convered by health insurance. Because of this, we are deeply dependent on support from financial donations.

Please help us by making a donation so that we can continue to offer our patients and their relatives not only high-quality palliative medical and palliative care, but also comprehensive, compassionate assistance and practical help delievered through our holistic approach which honors a person's right to die with dignity. Something we all would like to have given the same situation.


Donation account

Our donation account is managed by the German Palliative Foundation in Fulda. 
Recipient: German Palliative Foundation
Intended use: „Palliative team Hochtaunus“
Saving Banks Fulda
IBAN: DE58 5305 0180 0000 0587 22


Please include the reason why you are making a donation / the name of the patient you would like to honor. For donations over 200 euro, please write your name and adress on the bank transfer so that we can send you a donation receipt. Donation receipts, of course, are available for smaller amounts too. Every donation counts!

Thank you very much for your support!


You are important because of you exist.

You are important until the last moment of your life.

And we will do everything, not only to watch you die peacefully, but to live to the last moment.

Cicely Saunders