Palliativteam Hochtaunus

Palliative care at home, on an outpatient basis or in a hospice

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Searching for home-based palliative care support & services?  We are here to help you!

Throughout the Hochtaunus region, we take care of patients at home, in nursing homes and in hospices as part of                                specialized outpatient palliative care (SAPV).

An increasing number of people want to be cared for at home and express a wish to die at home, even when diagnosed with                            complex or serious illnesses. We - the Hochtaunus palliative team - want to make patients’ lives as comfortable as possible                        in their own home environment, while closely supporting family to avoid a hospital transfer during critical care episodes. 

What is SAPV?

SAPV is the abbreviation for Specialized Outpatient Palliative Care.

The medical field distinguishes curative care, which focuses on healing, from palliative care, which focuses on alleviating symptoms. Palliative care aims to provide relief for symptoms such as pain, nausea, breathlessness, anxiety - as well as improve the overall quality of a patient’s life.

In comparison to general palliative care services (AAPV), which are overseen by a family doctor in conjunction with nursing and hospice services, our team looks after seriously ill patients who require particularly complex care. SAPV patients suffer from severe symptoms, requiring a 24-hour on-call service.

Our team also works closely together with hospice services in the Hochtaunus district. Specially trained volunteers support patients and relatives at many levels – providing accompaniment and emotional support for everyone to best manage every-day living.

Hospice support services depend on where a patient resides.

Hospice Services in the Hochtaunus District

Hospizdienst Betesda in Kronberg

Ambulanter Hospizdienst Arche Noah - Versorgungsgebiet Königstein, Glashütten, Schlossborn und Schmitten

Hospizdienst Friedrichsdorf

Hospizdienst Oberursel und Steinbach

Hospizdienst Bad Homburg - Versorgungsgebiet Bad Homburg und dem Hochtaunuskreis

Quality of life is considered to be a major factor in a patient’s desire to be treated at home. Surrounded by familiar objects and people – patients feel most comfortable and can harness their internal power and strength.

We also support patients whose illness progresses, despite therapy, by offering care advice and support.

  • How best to evaluate potentially conflicting statements from specialists, hospitals and family doctors?
  • Who can provide independent advice?
  • How can I improve my quality of life?
  • What can I do if doctors say all therapy options have been exhausted?
  • How can I determine if a new recommended therapy will help?

We take the time to collect results and recommendations from participating physicians and then share our view regarding a patient's current and proposed treatment plan. Our goal is to support patients in their decision-making process concerning care options, with a focus on creating the best quality of life possible.

Information given to us by patients is treated with the utmost confidentially and privacy is guaranteed.